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Visionary and founder of Women with a Vision International, Inc. & African’s Cry Gathering, Minister Jerushia McDonald-Hylton, was inducted into the Yoruba tribe of Senegal at the April 2015 African Goodwill Awards & Induction Ceremony in Los Angeles, CA and was recognized as an Ambassador for Peace by UPF in 2001.

Women with a Vision International, Inc. was conceived in 1989 to specifically address the high levels of odium and resentment currently destroying Black nations. 


Women with a Vision International, Inc. (WOMENWAV) became a faith-based organization established in 1990 to strengthen communities through unifying different cultures by embodying faith to heal and restore broken dreams, striving to improve the health, happiness, education, and quality of life for women in bridging the racial divide and enriching the true vision of global racial unity and harmony.

WOMENWAV is here to empower women to unite together in dialogue while creating ways to be the "bridge to heal our homes and community uniting our creative visions and voices to build even greater bridges of healing throughout the global community." 

Under the scope of WOMENWAV, are a bundle of initiatives that align with the vision of WOMENWAV and seek to bring unity to the global community. These initiatives include: Jerushia Unscripted & Unplugged, "African's Queens" Circle of My Sisters, African's Cry, and most recently, Global United Voices Network. 

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Meet the Visionary

Jerushia is an artist with a purpose, a vessel through which the Holy Spirit speaks through, and an introvert at heart.


When she’s not inspiring young truth-seekers around the globe, you can find Jerushia seeking solace and comfort in the arms of the Holy Spirit to retreat, replenish and reflect.


Jerushia does not keep these revolutionary insights to herself, but instead creates rivers of connection through her FB live sessions, her riveting live talks and her uniquely impressive conferences.


Jerushia holds nothing back when it comes to revealing the truth of God and is a living testament to His great works within her life and to the thousands of lives she’s already touched and in those to come.


If you want inspiration, confirmation and motivation to live your life with a purpose and a vision, look no further than Jerushia to help nudge you in the right direction.


Through her gifts, Jerushia is able to ignite in you the desire to fully embrace all of who you are and meant to be with passion, fervor and urgency to take hold of your gift and unleash it into the world- a world that needs everything you are and have to offer.


Are you ready to give the world your gift?


Are you ready to take the next leap?


Connect with Jerushia to see how you can become fully engaged in your life that not only fulfills you but serves the lives of others. 

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